Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We celebrated Halloween to the FULLEST this year.

First off, we carved some SERIOUS pumpkins.  Chris got this kit that included patterns and special tools to help carve a perfect pumpkin.  We owned it.  Annabelle definitely helped us :)

The finished products were awesome (I think at least)!  Definitely my best pumpkin I've ever made :)

Friday night, Chris's dental class had a Halloween party!  They rented out the top portion of a local bar and it was seriously undergrad socials all over again!!  We dressed up like "farmers". People thought we were trying to be Kentuckians!!  OOPS!

Anyways it was SUCH a fun night.  My bff from Bella Bridesmaids was there with her fiancee and so I got to meet all of her girlfriends. Loved them!  I also got to meet all Chris's friends a lil more... Everyone was seriously dressed up! So much fun!

Then on the ACTUAL Halloween night, we went over to Chip and Lauren's , sat around a pit fire, and handed out candy to the trick or treaters.  Perfect night!

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