Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Annabelle ACED 1st Grade

Annabelle is officially a graduate!  She graduated the "Beginner" class at Petsmart this week!  

She was quite the pupil if I do say so myself :)  The past 6 weeks, every Tuesday, Chris, Anna and I get in the car and go to "Annabelle's School" for an hour of lessons.  Then immediately following, we go to Chick fil A for a post school treat! (Actually there are NO Chick fil A's remotely close and since we've already traveled the 20 min to PetSmart, we decided we should take advantage of the Chick fil A across the street while we could.

Such a fun mid week treat :) )

At "School" Anna learned to 
lie down
"Leave It" which means I put a treat in front of her, say "leave it" and she doesn't eat it until I say "take it"
"Take It"

AND she got a boyfriend, Gus.  It was true love!

What she still needs so much help on is
and dealing with separation anxiety...

Besides those 2 things she's perfect!  We're so blessed to have such a wonderful baby girl.  Annabelle is a gift!

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