Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Catch Up!

So here's a summary to catch my blog followers up on what's happening here in KY.

First off, God is Good.  We have had SO much fun getting to know the other couples in our Community Group.  This past weekend we just had a Community Group Couples filled weekend!

We went to dinner and then the U of L vs Rutgers game with Chip, Lauren and Stuart (Taylor had work stuff :( ). 

Saturday we went over to Taylor and Stuarts, watched FSU play and ate yummy yummy food.

Half Marathon:  My half marathon is THIS SUNDAY! EEEK!  The longest run I've done in this training is 10 miles.  I did it last Sunday and it went really well.  But we shall definitely see.  I just want to finish it running. I've had fun training for it!  It was great motivation and a super cheap way to keep me accountable to running!

When it's over, I don't know what I'll do...  I really need to start incorporating weight training in my workout schedule.  I'd love to get to where I do Cardio 4 days/Week, Strength 3 days/week and Yoga 1 or 2 days/week. has good workouts so I'm thinking I'll make a schedule based on those.

In the Kitchen:
Since my mom has been here, we've been SET!  With her frozen staples, pintrest and our newest kitchen addition (thanks to mom): a BREAD MACHINE!!!  We made our very first homemade loaf of bread this week.  SO yummy!!

I also made an awesome dinner Thursday night: Crock Pot Mac N Cheese and then a Garlic Butter Breaded Baked Chicken and Green Beans.  It was SO good!!

Bridesmaid's Dresses are Chosen and being ordered STAT!  My girls are going to look absolutely GORGEOUS!  Bella Bridesmaids has been a fun place to pick out their dresses.  Jamie, the one I've been working with there is awesome.  Not to mention she is getting married the same day I am AND is marrying a DENTAL student! How weird is that?! Anyways, we've had fun getting to know each other. 

Also, having a planner is the BEST thing I have done wedding related to date!  My lovely planner is Christina Gillon at Fete Events  and she is wonderful.  Right now there's a misunderstanding with the caterer, etc and I do not have to worry about it because SHE is.  So nice!

I'm compiling all of my DIY's that I want to do for the wedding....  It's going to be such a fun Christmas break :)

I want to be intentional about doing my best to get to know the wholeness of my God.  I feel like I haven't been intentional in digging deep in my daily time with Him.  So, I am going to begin reading through books of the bible at a time.  Matthew is up first!  

Fall is GORGEOUS here!! We are enjoying it to the fullest :)


  1. Jenny, have I told you how absolutely adorable you are?!!
    I'm so excited that life is going so great for you and that you're enjoying/embracing every minute of it! Isn't awesome how God let's us know when we haven't been as disciplined as we know we need to be? I'll be praying for you and your time with our AWESOME Father!
    Love you!

  2. Thank you Loran! You are a blessing!!