Saturday, October 15, 2011


(Now the background to the story is that we had been given a wedding dress by a close family friend and it had fit me beautifully, and I was happy with it, but mom was going to make a few adjustments.  So we went dress looking just to make sure the dress we had was my dream come true and what I wanted done to it.....)

Mom and I made MOVES.

Her first full day being here, after class we drove up to Cincinnati OH to do our first dress hunt trip.  I had heard they had an awesome Wedding District but didn't really know anything about it.  So we googled "Wedding district, Cincinnati OH", got the address to a place there, and plugged it into the GPS.

It led us here!

So we went into the cutest Boutique we could see:

And began pulling dresses.  I showed the cute lady working (Stephanie is her name, we became BFF) some pictures I had been thinking I liked and she showed us a few more to try on.  

So we spent the afternoon playing in wedding dresses! It was wonderful!  When I put mine on, I KNEW! It wasn't like the majority of pictures I had showed her and it didn't have lace, but it was gorgeous, fun and SO ME!

After finding "the one" we went to lunch to mull it over.  This lunch place is brand new but OMG it's SO good.  We got the veggie pita and I almost cried when I tasted it.  They homemake the pita bread!

Then we went around to a few other stores, walked and walked, and then ended going back to Carrie Karibo.  I tried on my dress again and KNEW!  

Then we started the hunt for mom's Mother of the Bride dress.... 

This isn't a picture of the one she ended up getting but I just liked mom playing dress up.  So we have tons and tons of pictures of both of our dresses but they're a SURPRISE!!! You'll see them  March 17th!

In true mom-Jenny style, we celebrated with Tea, Coffee and a decadent dessert at a cute restaurant Trio:

It could not have been a more perfect or more fun day.  AND I found the dress I'm going to marry the LOVE of my life in!  

I now can NOT wait for March 17th :)

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