Thursday, August 11, 2011

Move to Louisville

So exactly a week and a half from today, Annabelle and drove the 11.5 hours from Panama City Fl to Louisville Ky.

She slept practically the whole way up here:

When we arrived, we walked in to this!  

We have an awesome Chris! And I think he may have fallen for Annabelle....

During the first week I cooked:

Yummy pasta recipe can be found at Martha Stewart here

which can be found here.
I did take my own pictures but obvi these are so much prettier!

Thank you Martha Stewart for making the first meals in ones cooking career so darn easy!

During my first week here, I got to HAVE LUNCH WITH AN FSU GAMMA PHI SISTER!!! Having Christen up here is seriously the biggest blessing in the world!!  We went to dinner at the CUTEST restaurant ever, Lynn's Paradise Cafe:

And last but definitely not least, I had a week long orientation for my program!  It's real!

It was an absolute PERFECT first week here... Next up:
- Mom and Robbie's visit to Louisville
- Putting my apartment together: From Nothing to Wonderfully furnished and decorated!


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