Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Girls Weekend

I know that it has been too long since posting, but a LOT has happened since. Each day this week I'm going to go back and blog  a part of this move up to Louisville and my new life.

First step to moving up here was saying goodbye to PC and my life there. I'll be honest, I had a mini anxiety attack/breakdown about Monday before I left.  But God is Good, he knows me and he took care of me!  

Wednesday night mom, momma chelle, Carla, Aunt Steph and Lilly came to the beach house and we had an absolutely perfect last 48 hours.  

We started watching the sunset on the beach with wine, cheese and crackers (Lilly DID have juice, just wanted a "big girl cup"). 

We stayed on the beach until it was too dark to see anything! We headed into the beach house and watched Annabelle, Landry and Lilly all play.  Around 10 we decided we should start thinking about dinner and made a last minute call to Olive Garden for a to-go order.  Best decision ever!  

We then stayed up until 3:30 am having girl talk.  It was wonderful for Carla and I to get the Godly council of Steph who is just over 10 years older than us and also our moms who are more like 30!  We covered all topics.  

We woke up the next morning (I woke up at 7:30 to attempt to go on a diving trip with dad but once we got all equipment on and ready and were in the middle of the Gulf, they decided the weather was too bad , so I got back to the beach house around 11:30) we lounged around in our PJ's for the longest time.  Carla and I decided to beach it in a momentary sunny moment.  We brought floaties and were DOMINATED by the waves... I thought I was going to loose Carla every now and then.  Then Carla and I went to  Borders and each found an awesome book.  We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and reading listening to our mommas talk life.  

Around 7, they all left and mom and I decided it may be time to pack my car up...  

I went by my dads house, hung out for a bit and had a pretty emotional goodbye :(

Then, I went home to Megan McDowell and my K who were there and ready to help.  With their help, I finished packing and loaded my car... All the love I absorbed the last 48 hours in PC was enough to last me for months! I am so blessed to have such good, loving friends, moms and second moms.

Next stop, Louisville!

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