Friday, August 12, 2011

Mom and Robbie Visit Louisville!

If there was ever a perfect weekend, this past weekend was it.  My mom and brother Robbie drove the 11 hours up here WITH all of my stuff that didn't fit in my car (which was a TON!).

They arrived late Thursday night.  Friday while I was at orientation, Chris so sweetly chauffeured them around town to begin getting all the things I'd need for my apt.  I came to Louisville with my clothes, toiletries, dishes, craft stuff and books.  No furniture, no kitchen stuff.  

They got all the kitchen stuff and essential cleaning/organizing stuff and we went to town cleaning and unpacking.  

We took a break from dinner and went to Ramsi's Cafe

And had wine, brie and 4 different yummy meals.  Mine was the best obvi....

The next day we went good-willing and estate sell-ing.  What a success!! Can't wait to show the beautiful pieces we found! We also went to Sams to get my bed... WHAT AN ADVENTURE!  How we got all this stuff to fit in our van I do not know... It did require us unpacking everything in the parking lot and repacking it... Chris got a kick out of this:

In the middle we took a coffee/dessert/yattzee break at Java Cafe:

Then we went to the Frazier History Museum downtown.  They had this AMAZING Divinci exhibit... Divinci was the MAN and did not waste one day of his life.  Art, engineering, anatomy, he did it all!  We had a good time walking around reading all about this genius.  

Then we went home, cleaned furniture set everything up, and then went to dinner at an Italian place called Rocky's.  We went across the river to Indiana so that we could see the beautiful city all lit up. 

Sunday we woke up, went to TWO church services!! Then came back to the apartment and watched the OC while mom sewed and embroidered all my things for me! 

We decided to go walk on the water front so they could see one last side of Louisville
 And an icecream break was necessary:

By the time they left (at 5 am Monday Morning) we had had the most FUN and productive weekend I have had in awhile.  My apartment was fully functional  and only lacking a few things.  
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family... Without them, I'd still be on a blow up mattress and a not cute place. 
Can't wait to post pics of all the treasures we found!  

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