Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best Worst Day Ever

Today started out lovely, then got horrible and now is back to wonderful.  We woke up and went to breakfast with dad at Heine Brothers Coffee.  For the non-coffee drinker that dad is, he really loved the coffee shop... He appreciated the atmosphere and loved the bakery treats.  Dad has been visiting me this weekend and we have had a "get work done" while having a fun filled blast.  It's just so comforting and lovely having a parent here.

But, at 11 am, that ended.  Dad boarded his place for FL.  I didn't expect to get as upset as I did.  I realized though that I had waited until now to deal with my transition of moving here.  Leaving PC 2 weeks ago was hard, but I didn't fully have to deal with it because I knew mom and Robbie were coming the next weekend and dad was flying up the following weekend.  Today when dad left though, it was the final goodbye.  It was the final piece to moving me in here. Sure enough, we finished all of the projects that were still left and I unpacked my last box... I'm all moved in to Louisville, KY.  Seeing dad leave was like "well Jen, you're on your own.  Your parents have done all they can do to set you up as well as they could... but now it's time for you to come to terms with the move and make your life in Louisville..."

I've always been a girlfriends-girl.  I valued and loved my family and always made time for them, but I also really relied on my friends.  It's funny though because with this move, I really am missing my family much more than I thought. I actually want lots of pictures around in my apartment!  Haha

Although Chris was great and was here, I was overcome by alone-ness... I'm in this big wonderful city without my family or friends...  But, as God is ALWAYS faithful, it so happened that we had made lunch plans with Taylor and Stuart this afternoon.  Taylor had lead a Panhellinic small group bible study her Senior year that I was a part of and we made the connection that we would both be living here.  Lunch was absolutely amazing! We went to Ramsi's and on Sunday they have a yummy brunch.  We talked and ate and so enjoyed each others company.  Turns out they go to the same church we've visited and really like.  Stuart and Taylor will definitely be an awesome connection to have up here.

We had such a wonderful time and I am so reassured that I will find a group of friends and that God will provide.

After lunch we went to the cutest lil stores and bookstore on Bardstown Road and it was great.  Between our lunch and store adventure I was refreshed with optimism about Louisville!  And we're going to the 5 pm church service at Sojourn so I'm looking forward to that.

Praying for the best!


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