Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost to Real Life

So, my apartment is all set up (I have a post showing ya'll coming soon!),  I'm becoming more comfortable with my program, and I'm starting to know my way around Louisville!  

The daily grind has been this:
Wake up to Annabelle's 7:20 am wake up "Gotta-Tinkle" kisses and/or barks.
Run/finish hw/play on the computer until 9:30
Then Class all day til 5.  
In the middle of this, Chris and I have an overlapping lunch break so we eat our packed lunch together in the big courtyard... So cool!
Something Fun!
More HW/ Hang out with Chris

I'm liking this living the building over from Chris, and going to the same school thing!  

Yesterday, we ventured to Cheerokee Park (That Christin and I had gone to Monday) and walked Annabelle around the over 2.5 mile circle!  She was a champ.... Sort of.  She tugged and wanted to follow every person that ran by!  I hope we can train her out of that....  

Here are some pictures of our venture:
[Annabelle loved this field]
[Queen of the World!]
[Chris loving on Annabelle]

[We made it!]

Even though we held Annabelle as much as she walked, she was a trooper!

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