Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summertime Thoughts

I love summer.  It brings no true schedule changes for me personally, but it seems that other's change in schedule rubs off on me.  Maybe it's because of the long days... But there seems to be more time for slow mornings, fun nights with friends, engagements, new babies, exciting trips, seeing old friends, evening walks with Annabelle, all the good things in life.  
We're in a blessed season- we have been in Louisville for 2 years now and I feel comfortable and happy.  Last night over dinner with friends, it came up that the boys are over half way done with school... We have 2 years left in this amazing city.  I feel like I'm in college starting Junior year and getting anxiety about having to graduate.  
I'm ready to soak up the last months of summer and the last half of our time in dental school, but I want it to slow down so I can fully grasp and enjoy these moments.  

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