Saturday, July 13, 2013

Home for the 4th!

I flew into Panama City Tuesday night, just as it started to rain.  By the time we went to pick Chris up the next day at noon, the road getting into the airport was flooded.... 
I checked the weather and it was 100% chance of rain for the next 2 days and 80% the 2 days after that.  Never have I seen so much rain in Panama City.  Honestly I was pretty depressed... This was our beach vacation for the summer.  We are now those people who only have one beach vacay a year! But thankfully my family is really fun and we made sure to have fun anyways.  

Thank goodness for Settlers of Catan! Chris and I probably played that game 6 or 7 times throughout the weekend with my families.  We got the StarTrek version for the beach house and it was awesome... 
Beach House Catan
On Friday we had about 3 hours of no rain,  so we seized the time and went out on the boat!
Boat Time!

It was fun but I got stung by a bee...  It started storming again so we went inside to play more catan.

That night, we were invited to go on a Dinner Cruise with Mom and Hal for Hal's Brother and Sister in Laws 70th Birthday Celebration. We had a BLAST! The sun came out right as we were boarding the ship.  Everyone had a fun night dancing, drinking and watching fireworks.

Enjoying the sunset with family!
The Crew

Gorgeous watching fireworks over the water.

The next day the sun was FINALLY out so we spent the morning on the beach with mom and then went to eat lunch at Limes, a restaurant on a dock with dad.

Last day in PC and only day with sunshine
Overall it was a fun time.  It was hard too realizing that I won't be back until Christmas- that our trips to PC are literally going to be twice a year at best.  It was hard to leave my family knowing that they could probably use me around- especially ROss and Robbie.  My hope is in the Lord.  The Lord has the power to be with them through this time in their lives and the Lord can work in their lives even if I am not around all the time.  Thankful for a Savior who goes before me and intercedes on my behalf!

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