Monday, November 5, 2012

Date night

I love it when life itself is so much fun I don't have time to document it, but then I hate the fact that the best times aren't archived... Oh well, we do our best!

Anyways, I was looking through pictures on my phone and found a few from a wonderful date night Chris and I had a few weeks back.  It wasn't an extremely eventful night but I had so much fun with Chris! We went to dinner and I got exactly what I wanted: a bowl of Mac N Cheese and wine.  Then for dessert we got a pizookie!!  It's a cookie cooked in a skillet.  How I've never had one of these I do not know because I'm the queen of desserts but Oh MY gosh it was SO yummy!

I don't remember any other specifics from the night except that I enjoyed every minute of conversation with Chris and have joyful happy memories of it :)

I was in heaven!

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