Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Day 1

We got into Panama City late Tuesday night and drove straight to the beach house.  We woke up and hung out with mom for a bit and then my K came over and visited for a bit.

We walked down to the beach and took a stroll
Mom and I
My K and Chris and I!
After the beach we went on a target and panera run with mom.  Loved getting to talk with her! 

Then we came back into the in town house and my Carla came to us!
My Tonda!
We baked the yummy chocolate cake I contributed to Thanksgiving and talked and talked.  After Carla came over we went to dinner with dad and the boys and Susan.

Robbie,  Dad and I
After dinner we went out.  It's always like a high school reunion on thanksgiving eve.... For better or for worse! Ha!  But I loved seeing my besties!

Tiny Carl!

The best!
It doesn't get better than these girls!

It was a great day to start Thanksgiving break!

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