Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mary and Brian's Wedding Weekend

So this weekend Chris and I flew to the grand state of New York/New Jersey to celebrate Mary and Brian tying the knot!  We flew in Friday night RIGHT in time to make it to the rehearsal.  Dan picked us up from the airport and drove us like a champ through NY to New Jersey, while we took turns changing in the back.  
Learning their parts :)
After that we drove to the rehearsal dinner and learned that you can't turn left in New Jersey.  Instead you make a huge figure 8...  The dinner was wonderful! We sat at a table with Brian's 2 other non family groomsmen and their spouses.  It was so nice getting to know them and how they knew Brian.  The dinner was also a really good time for us to talk to Brian's parents.  What awesome parents he has. Both are completely rooted in the Lord and He pours from their lips! I pray Chris and I will use them as an example to spur us on to Christ more.  We also got to talk with Brian and Mary a little which was so nice because I really hadn't gotten to meet her yet.  She was there the weekend of our wedding so everyone else in the group got to hang with her then and get to know her but, in the whirlwind of the wedding weekend bliss, I never really got to chat.  She glows with love from the Lord.  That's what I have picked up so far and about all that matters! I am so excited that Chris and I have another couple friend that (one day if we live close enough) we could really do life together on the same page.  Praying that we can!  
Chris and Dan! Loved getting
to spend time with Dan this weekend

Brian, Mary and us!

The studly men!
After the dinner we went to the station to pick the rest of the crew up.  They had spent the day in the city.  We crammed all us in a tiny van...
Too much fun
We got to the hotel, unpacked, and went to the bar there to hang out with everyone for a bit.  It only lasted for a bit because everyone was so exhausted from traveling. 

The next morning the boys went to breakfast with Brian and then Chris went with Brian to his house and spent the rest of the morning with the groom.  We slept in and then Emily and I went to the fancy restauraunt at the hotel and had a YUMMY breakfast.  Emily is really the one who introduced Chris and I, and is getting married in 4ish months so it was really great getting to catch up with her! 

Then we went back to the room and had a fun time getting ready, then headed to the wedding!
Emily, Sarah and I before the ceremony!
The wedding was gorgeous and Christ exalting in every way.  As a newly wed it's so nice to be reminded of what this covenant of marriage means for Chris and I and for us with Christ together and with Christ separately.  

After the ceremony we went downstairs for the reception.  I had the honor of sitting at the table with Mary's 3 sisters and their husbands so it was so wonderful getting to know them.
The beaming couple!
RIGHT when the wedding was over my favorite person in the WHOLE WORLD came to see me in the flesh and blood!  My darling Marge has moved to NJ for an internship and she made the 2 hour drive to come see me!  I drove Marge's car from the wedding site to our hotel. Only like 25 miles but too over 2 hours.  New Jersey & New York traffic is a JOKE.  Marge and I barely noticed though because we talked the entire way there! It was so good getting to talk to her and see her in person. I've appreciated our phone relationship but nothing beats an in life bff hang time.  Once we got to the hotel we dropped everything off and went to a nearby restaurant to eat and watch FSU play Miami (side note: FSU is KILLING me... When is it our time to be legit?!?!).  Marge and I didn't watch one part of the game but just continued talking and laughing.  

Ah jeeze... just love her!

This sums up the poor guys by then end of the day

Kindred Spirits!
 Sadly, we had to be at the airport at 6 am so Marge and I snuggled, then woke up early and she dropped Chris and I off at the airport and we said our good byes.  It was a wonderful weekend and I'm SO SO SO grateful I got to see my marge!!

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