Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catch Up

So between school/starting in the lab and wedding planning/festivities, my mind has been MAXED OUT! But we have had so many fun events lately!

A few weekends ago we had a wedding-action-packed weekend.  We bought our wedding bands,  finalized our registries and a few other odds and ends.  At the end of it, Chris asked what I wanted to do for dinner and he makes this AWESOME Caprese  Flatbread and so I asked him to make it :)  It was  YUM!
Chris working hard on our dinner!
Caprese Flat Bread!

That weekend I also got to go to a Panhellinic luncheon for the Louisville Panhellinic Association.  It was fun not only to see the Gamma Phi's, but to see all the other Sororities and their sisters...  We had fun and I won 2 raffle prizes!
Christin and I at the Louisville Panhellinic Luncheon
The next weekend was Christin's Birthday so we went to Mojito Tapas to Celebrate!

Christin and I at Mojito Tapas celebrating her *25th* Birthday!
Part of her present that I made! 

This weekend we started it with a *Date Night* at Coals! It's a yummy pizza place super close to our home.  I really love date nights... I feel like for Chris and I they signal for "Ok, talk about whatever deep pressing things you want because there is no time limit here".  We got to talk about our future and where we see ourselves going, how I'm feeling about my school choices, and just what we've been thinking lately.

Love him :)
Date Night Location
Chris has a huge test Monday so he's studying for that and I have a day full of Crafting and a little studying ahead of me!  

I love Saturdays!

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