Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Team Effort!

I'm learning that weddings are SUCH a team effort.  
Today, my "team" stepped up too the plate!
All the DIY's and Pintrest projects I plan on doing for the wedding, I planned on doing this break... More specifically, this week!
My BFF/bridesmaid Katie came in last night from Jax to help get the ball rolling and boy did we get the ball rolling!
We made list after list on what I wanted to do/make and what we needed.  Then we spent the morning shopping: Hobby Lobby, Office Depot & Sams, with a lunch break with mom and RObbie at Chick fil a in the middle :)  Annabelle joined us too!
No we did not plan on being twins!

When we got home we got to the crafts! We painted, crafted, and most importantly, were accompanied by Carrie, Charolette, Miranda and Samantha.  For Jenny and Katie, wedding projects mean SATC.  
Throughout the day we recruited others to help with the festivities! MOH Carla came over for a bit and helped, Mom did some sewing for me, and dad came to the rescue with his wood cutting ability/tools and was able to cut out some things we'd traced on! 

She's the best!

Crafts Galore! 

It was such a fun day!  Thankful to have the love and support I do!

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