Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Wednesday

Somehow Chris and I got lucky yesterday.  Between noon and 5 and then after 8 we were both free!  So what did we do?

We played frisbee golf! And took Annabelle!!  I think the highlight was really how awesome Annabelle was! We left her off her leash most of the time and she stayed right with us.  A lot of the course was in dense woods, but it didn't even phase our baby!
Mama's so proud of Anna!

Annabelle felt like a real explorer following Chris down cliffs to get our frisbees!

Anna was in Dog Heaven!

Later on that night after I had a solid 4 hour study sesh at the local Heine Bro Coffee shop and Chris had a 3 hour teeth waxing sesh, we came home and Chris cooked a wonderful dinner.  We even broke into our engagement party wine stash :)

We sat and enjoyed the meal and wine, and then spent the night catching up on all the FSU interviews and highlights.... Then we got sucked into the youtube black hole and watched videossssss.... Walmart people, Miss California craziness, you name it!!  

I LOVE when we get mid week chill time!

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