Monday, September 12, 2011

Church Home!

The difference between 2 weeks ago at church and this week at church is absolutely huge!  We went from not knowing but 1 or 2 people to walking into the building knowing 5 of the first people we saw, then sitting close to many of our small group couples.  

We began going to  Sojourn Community Church the second week I was up here.  After our second week up here I discovered our FSU friends, Taylor and Stuart went to Sojourn as well and were already plugged into a small group.  We planned on visiting that one as soon as our Thursdays were free (That was the weekend my dear KATIE came into town!) Our third visit I filled out a "connect card"  and within days was emailed by Todd asking us to join his small group, and I received a call from Linda asking if I wanted to meet up so I could ask her all of my Sojourn questions.  Todd joined her and Chris joined me and the 4 of us hung out for an hour one afternoon.  When we asked them how we could begin serving, they got us plugged into the Connect Team.  That next Sunday (Last Sunday) we showed up 30 min before the service started and asked to be put to work! I got to man the welcome table!  There, I got to know 5 or 6 sojourners very well!  Chris did parking so not too sure who he got to meet.  

That Thursday we went to our first small group.  It was an answered prayer.  There are 3 other couples there (all older than us) and a few single guys.  That night we decided to have a girls brunch that Saturday.  So Saturday, the 4 small group girls and I went to brunch.  It was neat getting to have such one on one time with them from the beginning.  I'm very excited about these friendships and I look forward to seeing how God binds us together.

SO, this Sunday when we walked in to serve, we knew people from serving last week, small group, and the people we had met through them! Ah God answers my prayers.

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