Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thankful for Bestfriends

Once I took a "love language" test to see which of the 5 love languages made me feel the most loved.  Now I don't remember what my official one was based on that test, but based on last weekend, I can tell you that my love language is time.  
My bff Katie came all the way to Louisville to visit me! We'd had the trip planned since before I moved her so I had been looking forward to this weekend since I moved here...
Not only was it an amazing weekend because a dear friend had come to visit, but it was also amazing because this dear friend has just been through planning a wedding/getting married and so now is a newly wed.  
Our conversations were a blessing to me.  I was able to honestly open up and all my feelings/apprehensions/joys/stresses of the move, this season of engagement and our wedding.  It was a burden lifted! Yes, this can be done through the phone, but there's something about sharing a meal, or movie or shopping trip and then having a mini-serious relationship.  
Besides the verbal counseling that took place, we had a blast!

We picked Katie up from the airport Thursday afternoon and brought her home to meet Annabelle.  Aunt Katie brought the baby a present!!
Annabelle hasn't put down the stuffed duck yet :)

That night we went to a Louisville original: Mojito Tapas, which is a nicer Mexican Tapas restaurant with incomparable Mojitos

The next day, sadly I had school for most of the day but I got done in time for us to make it to the Louisville Slugger Museum! 
We had so much fun going on the factory tour of where they make the bats, and then going through the museum they have. We got to see the bats of big deal players!

That night, we met up with my Louisville GPhi Sister, Christin for some yummy dinner and drinks at Ramsi's!

After dinner we went to a local Irish bar, O'Sheas! It was a solid night!

The next day we woke up bright and early to head to brunch a Toast! Then we headed to Churchhill Downs!
We went on an extra tour that took us into the jocky's room, millionaire row and other cool "behind the scenes" places... Let's just say Katie and I learned more about horse racing then we could have ever learned on our own!

When we left here, the fun was over and the work began!  We left there and went over to Bella Bridesmaid for our 3 pm appt.  There we tried on bridesmaid dresses for over an hour! Afterwards we grabbed some food at Panera, got our nails done, and had an epic grocery shopping trip at Fresh Market.
If you don't know, I'm NOT A FAN of uncooked meat. Even frozen chicken grosses me out.  But we went to the meat dept and I was to order my first raw chicken.  The butcher came out and immediately said "Man, it's been a day! I've been covered in blood since I got here!"  I was ready to leave right then.  Katie laughed and explained to the man my meat fear.  He laughed and we went ahead and ordered our meat.  We then got all the other ingredients for homemade Chicken Parmesan.
We were still on our Kentucky Derby High so we rented The Secretariat and spent the night watching it!

The next day we went to church,  took Katie to Lynn's Paradise cafe for lunch, and then went to Jos. A. Banks to look at groomsmen suits.  Thank goodness we had Katie!

That night, I learned the art of homemade Chicken Parm! 

It was an absolute dream weekend and I'm blessed to have such a good friend!


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