Thursday, August 25, 2011

K Visits, K Perfect!

What a lovely surprise that MY K CAME TO LOUISVILLE THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!!  AHhhhh it seriously MADE MY LIFE!  

She flew in late Friday night, but not too late for some Sweet CeCe's

The next day K escorted me to Chris's White Coat Ceremony (More on that later!)

Then we went to lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe (YUMMMM!) and a candy store that has been in Louisville since 1921.  We planned on going to see an afternoon showing of The Help with Mrs. Kersey, but it was sold out! So we hung out at Barnes and Nobles for a bit and then went to see the movie.

The next day we went to church at Sojourn (I was so pumped when she really liked it... Validates it for me!), and then to brunch at Toast! a really cute breakfast/lunch place downtown.  Even though there was a 45 minute wait, it was SO worth it! The food was delish!

We finished the day going down to the riverfront park and hanging out for a bit.

Annabelle helped Auntie K study.

I still can't believe my Kirsten was in Louisville Ky!

I think K thinks she came for her own sake, but she'll never ever know how much it meant that she came all the way to Louisville to be with me... I don't think I even knew how bad I needed a girl frand to come bless/ok/experience/validate my new life in Louisville.  But come she did and we had the most wonderful time just being with each other!


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