Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th L O V E

I don't think I ever really contemplate the blessings Jesus has bestowed upon our Country.  When I do though, I realize that with those blessings also comes "To whom much is given, much is required." What is required by me, my friends, my generation? My heart really felt the burden, or the calling of what it is our country was blessed to do.  It's my prayer that my generation looks past the little day-to-day endeavors and focuses on what part we play in the global picture of moving our world forward.

With that being said, my 4th was filled with the glorious day to day endeavors that the 4th brings:

As with most "Panama City-ians" my fourth of July was filled with the beach, a grill, good friends, wonderful family and amazing fireworks!

I started out the day with having some alone time bonding with my new baby, Annabelle:
Saturday my dear ole dad and I drove to Wetumpka, Al to pick the princess up.  It being a Holiday weekend, we had not gotten much alone bonding time since I brought her home so Monday morning was SO nice. I'll most definitely have a blog entry devoted to her and all her cuteness!

After that, the real 4th of July festivities began:
Riley, Kirsten and I beached it!

Kirsten also brought along the lil sis!  Abby was such a delight and made the day much more rich, full and exciting... Thanks K for sharing Abby!

It didn't take long until we got too hot for our own good.  So we went to Panera to get drinks to cool us off, and give us the caffeine needed to give the rest of the day the proper energy it required (even after being up every 3 hours the night before to let the baby out).

Driving to Panera, Annabelle whined for Abby... She just couldn't get close enough:

Yummy Drinks:

Then once we were done, the girls headed in to enjoy the fireworks with their own families, and I did the same.  We were blessed to be joined by Ms. Jill, Joy-Joy, Gracie and the new bf, Joe! We played lots of cards while waiting for the food to be grilled.  We enjoyed all-american hot dogs and hamburgers before going down to the beach.
We played our traditional family/friends wiffle ball tournament.  Sadly, my team lost.  Then we retired to our chairs to watch the sun set and the sunlight make way for the night time sky.

Annabelle's first time to the beach!
Joined by the BEST lil bro in the world (He carried her heavy play pen down to the beach!!)
And last but not least, a pic with mom, Annabelle's obsession:

All in all it was an absolutely wonderful day filled with most of my favorite things... I really missed Chris and I am stoked for next year when we'll be together for it!!

Until next time <3


  1. What a wonderfully sweet, beautifully written post!

  2. Yeahh and i cut my toe open just for you