Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gotta love the fam time!

This weekend we had our annual Bartels family reunion! My dad, his sister and brother and all of their kids/grandkids spent Thursday-Sunday at a condo on Panama City Beach!  It was such a fun reminder of how neat having a good family is and how blessed me and my brothers are to have such a fine example through Dad, Aunt Julie and Uncle Bill.  
We began each day with one of the siblings cooking breakfast and everyone went to that condo to eat.  Dad got the first morning and he made scrumptious banana/chocolate chip/plain waffles... Go dad Go!  We then spent the entire day on the beautiful beaches under the life saving tents Aunt Julie and Uncle George brought and set up.  We all had reading material but we spent the majority of the time just talking, watching/playing with the babies, and floating in the water.  (The high school/college cousins were MIA a lot... scoping girls out by the pool I think). At night, we'd reconvene at another siblings condo for dinner.  The last night, Will, Wes, Ross, Chris and I went *CosMic BoWlinG* (Oh shoot)!  I didn't score that well sadly but still managed to have fun with my wonderful cousins.
It was just a great weekend of catching up with the family!  Seeing my tow older cousins, Leah and Dean, with their new little families was just awesome.  They both have such cute, sweet, happy and fun young families... I hope Chris and I model after them!
Here's a pic of the whole, wonderful gang:

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