Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Post!

So today is my first post!  I'm sure they'll get better as I  do them more, but here's my shot at it:

This morning my mom and I worked on Chris and I's  *Wedding Registry*!  We only did dishes, kitchen stuff and silverware; stuff that I don't think Chris minded we did without him ;)  Let's just say we're going to have the CUTEST kitchen ever...
Here are the dishes:
And here are the pretty serving dishes:
Needless to say we had fun!

Then I spent the rest of the day in Marianna, Fl, working with my amazing Relay For Life Volunteers.  I actually stopped by to see as many of them as possible to tell them that I was accepted into graduate school and that my last day with the ACS will be July 22.  They were all so encouraging, supportive and excited for me and this new step!!  It all seems real now that the volunteers know... Crazyyyy!

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