Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas in P.C.

We had such a lovely Christmas in Panama City.  

Beach babies!

We started staying at the beach house.  The beach house is always such a relaxing, enjoyable time.  We took the toy poodles to the beach.  They loved it!! We let them run free and I've never seen a more joyful sight.

The Girls!
 We also had the annual gingerbread making night.  So blessed to have high school friends I still love and consider my good friends.  

Vivi giving mom tissues!

She was so proud :)

The next night we had Christmas with Heather and Ted, Jan and Judy and the babies Vivi and Judson! It was so much fun watching the kids open their presents!! Christmas is for kids... Kids bring that Christmas magic.

Traditional stair PJ pic!

Love my fam!

The next morning we treated it like Christmas morning.  We all wore our PJs (minus Hal who had to work :(  ) and opened our presents.  Mom did such a wonderful job getting us so many lovely presents. We then had a morning and afternoon of Hot Chocolate (Homemade of course) and Christmas movies.  

That night we went over to dads and exchanged presents and went to dinner. Even though it was a few days before Christmas, it really did feel like real Christmas!  

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