Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just Perfect!

That is what the last month has been!
I'm sad I haven't blogged about any of it, but I think I'm going to do 5 follow up blogs: One on the last 2 showers, one on the wedding weekend, one on the wedding, one on the honeymoon and then our new home/married life....

For right now though I am focusing on getting my "life plans" refigured out.  I think I've decided against finishing with my Ph.D.  I'm thinking a masters will be sufficient for what I think I'd do with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which right now is teaching high school or community college science! I just think it'd be such an  honor to share my love and excitement for science with the students.  Also, maybe I can help the cheerleading squad out too ;)

My new long term dream is to open up a Pure Barre wherever we end up.  I'm so in love with the entire company and everything I know about it so I think it'd be a dream come true to open up my own studio!  Although I'm not sure where that fits into the Airforce time/ house buying/ Chris starting his practice :/ But a girl can dream!

I do know that first and foremost I want my life to be lived only as a result of what Christ wants it to look like.  But, I still think it's important to dream big and have a vision of where I see my life going!

It's a big and beautiful world and I'm excited to explore it :)

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