Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend:

Friday, after school, we went to Heine Brothers for a few hours to study.  We had coffee, shared a cinnamon role and studied as best we could... The excitement of the FSU OU game was hard to ignore.

That night, we went to a movie premier for a local film making group, Nadus Films.  It was the opening night of Grace Surpasses, a documentaryish drama about a family in Sudan. 

 The cool part about this event was that there was a live score! So the entire movie, a live band played the music.  That was incredible and was another "snaps for living in Louisville" moment.  The whole program was wonderful and reminded me how blessed we are here in the US and how much opportunity and need there is for serving.

The next morning we woke up early to we could watch College Gameday that was at FSU!  I made scrambled eggs and Chocolate Chip Pancakes!  I learned the secret is lots of chocolate chips, and to melt butter in the pan before putting the batter in :)

Here's anna by our yummy breakfast.  I tried to make a spear with the whipped cream... fail.

After watching college game day, I went on a run!  Perfect weather!

Then, we went to volunteer for Sojourn's Fall Festival! For 2 hours Chris and I set up plastic bowling pins and cheered local neighborhood kids on!  It was a lot of fun and there were some of our small group friends there so it was nice seeing them!

I studied for a bit in the afternoon.

Then, it was GAME TIME! Even Anna had an "I <3 The Noles" Bow on:

We went to watch the game with the Louisville Seminole Club again! This time, we were joined not only by Christin, but Taylor and Stuart as well!

It was an awesome game and I am SO proud of my Alama Mater and FSU Football program!

Today we went to the early service.  Again, I handed out bulletins, and Chris helped direct cars... bless his heart it started pouring!  Ah he was so wet!  Service was wonderful; we're continuing the PROOF series and talked about Christ's "Overcoming Grace".  Much easier to chew than last weeks "Outrageous Grace"!  

After church we had a study date at the Heine Bro for awhile, and then went back to Chris's apt and spent the day hanging and studying.

Perfect weekend

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