Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Day as a 23 Year Old

Tomorrow I turn 24.  Is there anything left I should do as a 23 year old? That only 23 year olds can get away with?  

This year has had a lot of changes and big things happen:

Being 23, I worked my first "real job" at the ACS.  I learned what benefits were, the importance of emails, time management and how much fun people are.

Chris and I dated "long Distance" (Tally to PC) and continued to date!

Margaret left for the Peace Corp

I ran my first half marathon

I spent a lot a lot of time at the beach house

I got good bonding times with my mom, dad and Robbie

Went to my first "show" Jimmy Eat World

I got SCUBA certified

Chris Proposed to me

I had the honor of being Katie's Maid of Honor and help her and Sean get married.

I got Annabelle

I moved to Louisville KY

I started a grad program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

What will 24 have in store? A wedding for sure but I'm excited to see what else...


  1. Your blog is ADORABLE! :-) Sounds like year 23 was a pretty great one fo you!!! I hope 24 is even better!!!

  2. Thanks Mallorie!! I'm excited for your lil girl to get here! I wanna see nursery pics!